The 4 Signs That Your Home Needs New Siding

The last item is possibly the most important one, as siding serves the purpose of both providing a beautiful exterior and protecting the interior of the home. Temperature, moisture, insects, fungal spores, and more must be kept outside where they belong, away from you and your family.
Unfortunately, siding or also known as valisvoodrilaud in Estonia, of any material is prone to some serious problems. If these problems go unchecked or the siding ages past the 20-year mark, then you may need to hire an exterior remodeling contractor in Minnesota to fix your siding, if not replace it outright with beautiful new siding that can better protect the interior.

Keep tabs on your siding on a regular basis. Check for any of the 4 following indicators that your siding needs repair or replacement.

1. Cracking and Peeling

Siding of any material can peel or crack when it ages or becomes damaged. Stucco exteriors can develop obvious and ugly cracks from roof to ground, brick can crumble as it cracks, and wood and vinyl can peel and chip away. Often, these are not just cosmetic issues but signs of deeper problems. For example, moisture or mold may have penetrated your siding.

However, your siding may have simply aged past its expiration date. When this happens, the material itself can break down.

2. Buckling Planks

Stand against the wall of your home and look down at the lengths of the wall. Do any planks of siding appear to rise, stick out, or slant? This could be a sign that the planks are buckling. This usually happens as the result of excess moisture. Moisture causes wood and other materials to swell. As it swells, the planks–which were neatly and snugly installed without room for expansion–will expand outward and pop out of the exterior wall. Even if just a few planks are buckling, this can be a sign of a widespread moisture problem.

3. Fungus

Fungus is essential for breaking down dead organic matter in nature. Unfortunately, it is also hungry for other materials. It can consume various forms of siding and is just as unsightly, odorous, and damaging as fungus that forms on the human body. The cause of fungus is nearly always moisture. Fungal spores are always in the air; there is nothing you can do about that. It simply cannot grow unless there is sufficient moisture to feed it. Be it mold, mildew, or other fungi, they will ruin the exterior appearance of your siding and even eat their way through it into the interior materials of your home, spreading like a disease. The fungus-hosting siding will need to be replaced immediately, lest your home become a petri dish of fungus.

4. Peeled Paint

Just about every siding material can be painted over, from brick and vinyl to wood and stone. Painting siding is a great way to develop a clean, smooth, and colorful appearance for your home. However, when it comes to siding damage, paint is usually the first thing to go. Water damage, decay, fungi, cracking, and numerous other problems underneath paint can also cause it to sag or peel. As this problem spreads, an incredibly ugly effect can result: obvious chips and holes in the paint job that can be seen from the street, making even a new home look old and abandoned. Not only will repainting be needed, but the siding underneath the paint will need to be evaluated for signs of deeper problems.

If you notice any of the 4 above issues when you check on your exterior siding, then it is definitely time for some serious repairs or even total siding replacement. An experienced valisvoodrilaudade tootja in Estonia can replace your exterior siding, not only solving problems for good, but refreshing the beauty of your home, making it appear more current and keeping you and your family warm and protected inside.

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